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What’s LLLT? What’s ILILT?head
Intranasal Low Intensity Laser Therapy,
ILILT  is one kind of treatment method of LLLT.
It use low level laser of 630-670nm (power <=5mW)
shine-treat conduct through the nasal cavity.
It is  effective to disease aroused by degradation of blood rheology .

Low Level  Laser Therapy,
(also known as photobiomodulation,
cold laser therapy and laser biostimulation),
LLLT is a medical and veterinary treatment
which uses low-level lasers or light-emitting diodes
to stimulate or inhibit cellular function.
The technique is also known by other terms
such as laser therapy, "cold laser" and phototherapy...
Learn more about LLLT from Wikipedia

What’s SECO laser blood purifier?

China People’s Military Medical press published one professional ILILT book  and SECO Laser Blood Purifier is the only one been recommend!


<<Intranasal Low Intensity laser Therapy>>
ISBN: 978-7-5091-2571-7
Languages: English/Chinese

The professional medical device name of "SECO Laser Blood Purifier" is"SECO Semiconductor Laser Therapeutic Apparatus".
As we all know, blood play the main role in human health;
many diseases are caused by degradation of blood rheology.
SECO Laser Blood Purifier use low level laser (630-670 nm, <=5mW) shine blood cell through nasal cavity.
The Low level laser's biostimulation effective to all kinds of disease caused by degradation of blood rheology.
And what's more, Low level laser's antioxidant effects through blood cells flowing in nasal mucosa can extend lifespan.

SECO Laser Blood Purifier has done 15 years of clinical testing,
<<National Medical Journal of China >>
and << National Lasercare Medical Journal of China >>
Follow-up Report (from 1991 to 2005) on our clinical test,
the result shows that SECO Laser Blood Purifier device is a good method of applying LLLT,
and there is not even one case having any adverse effect after treatment.

SECO laser devices got Medical CE certificate.
Food and Drug Administration in USA(FDA) has classified LLLT devices as "non-significant risk medical devices".
It poses no health risk to the patient provided that the eyes are protected by protective eyewear or careful operation.

Example: Use SECO laser blood purifier’s laser (4mW), shine the nasal cavity of one Moderate blood viscosity patient,
and 30 minutes later we found the hyperviscosity red blood cells returned to normal:

30  minutes later


Before treatment   After  treatment
Why and how does it work?

Use 630-670 nm low level laser from
SECO laser blood purifier
shine the nasal cavity 

blood circulation and effects to whole body’s blood

ILILT's Biostimulatory effects to blood
1. Increased ATP production by the mitochondria and increased oxygen consumption on the cellular level, which may result in muscle relaxation
2. Increased serotonin and increased endorphins
3. Increased anti-inflammatory effects through reduced prostaglandin synthesis
4. Improved blood circulation to the skin in cases like neuralgia and diabetes mellitus
5. Decreases permeability of the membrane of the nerve cells for Na/K causing hyperpolarisation
6. Increased lymphatic flow and decreased edema
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Blood health care
Improve natural immunity
protect the ischemic anemia
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